About Us

We own and run Ballymount Farm ourselves (Sheelagh Cann & Seamus Burbage).

Sheelagh runs the breeding, handling & all-round horse management and care at Ballymount Farm. Although she will not admit it, she is also a talented rider. She managed a large thoroughbred and performance horse agistment centre on the Central Coast for a number of years prior to the Ballymount Farm venture and has been involved with horses most of her life. She has evented and competed at dressage.

I (Seamus) am an average rider with more stickability than style. I was hooked on horses from my first pony, who turned out to be a talented 12hh pony racer when pony racing was a popular sport in Ireland. However, I drifted away from horses to make some money and it is only since 2003/4 that I have tried to make horses a business. It is a slow process but there are lots of people to provide inspiration and assistance. I am a fan of the methods of Steve Brady & Monty Roberts and have gradually learned the value of "patience" and "asking" and "keeping it simple". Having seen Steffen Peters in Sydney in January 2008, I am determined to one day ride a nice dressage test. I have evented to One Star and ridden dressage to novice level.

In our site we have noted all the stock. We have noted those specifically for sale but everything is for sale at a price. We are negotiable. Prices may vary over time with progress or lack thereof. So we reserve the right to refuse an offer.

If there is something of interest, please call or email and we will be happy to discuss your query.


Sheelagh & Seamus


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