Lote AEA Tuschinski Tuschinski
Paroma B
Flagged Viscount


Lote is a striking young horse, with expressive paces and a ground covering trot. He is a cheeky, playful character, always first up to see you in the paddock, always looking for something to do. He is going to make a lovely dressage horse and could even make it in the showring. Expected to mature 16.1hh. Lote was broken in during March/April 2013 by Rowan Sheridan (ex AEBC) and had 6 weeks work under saddle, but has now been spelled for the winter in order to mature. Lote has been back in work since September 2013, ridden 3 days a week and is going very well, he easily holds a good frame and is going to find collected work really easy.

$8,800 inc GST


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12/04/2013 - click here

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